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Organic agriculture in a global perspective

The Danish Research Centre for Organic Farming (DARCOF) has finished a knowledge synthesis on organic agriculture in a global perspective. The work was performed by a group of Danish experts (Expert Group) from a wide range of relevant fields in cooperation with international experts. See further the Danish mention of the knowledge synthesis at the homepage of DARCOF or some brochures explaining about the work in Danish or English. Furthermore, a new research project rising from the knowledge synthesis has been initiated. See

An agreement was made with CABI Publishing to publish the work of the knowledge synthesis in a book:

  • N Halberg, HF Alrøe, MT Knudsen, ES Kristensen (eds.) Global Development of Organic Agriculture: Challenges and Prospects. CABI. See book table of contents

The book was published in May 2006 and can be bought at the CABI Bookshop.

Five chapters of the book are available here by kind agreement with CABI:

3. Organic agriculture and ecological justice: Ethics and practice (Hugo Fjelsted Alrøe, John Byrne, Leigh Glover)

6. Review of organic farming in developing countries (Nicholas Parrot, Henning Høgh Jensen, Jørgen E. Olesen)

8. Soil fertility depletion in Sub-Saharan Africa: What is the role of organic agriculture (John Pender, Ole Mertz)

10. The impact of organic farming on food security in a regional and global perspective (Niels Halberg, Timothy B. Sulser, Henning Høgh-Jensen, Mark W. Rosegrant and Marie Trydeman Knudsen)

12. Synthesis: The potential of organic farming in a globalised world (Niels Halberg, Hugo F. Alrøe and Erik Steen Kristensen)

The structure of the book and overview of all chapters can be found on Report Outline.

Kort introduktion til Økologisk jordbrug i globalt perspektiv - på dansk

Short introduktion to Organic agriculture in a global perspective - in english

This website has been established to communicate background material and working papers and to host Open Discussions, in order to benefit from viewpoints that are not represented in the expert group.

The results of the work will be communicated at a concluding workshop in late 2004, in an English language report, on this website and at relevant conferences.

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