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The Eco Wiki website is a tool for doing cooperative work on the internet. You can edit webpages and add new pages by using suitable WikiWords. You can also show images, upload files, and do a range of more sophisticated stuff if you wish.

The site is targeted towards organic agriculture and food systems, and related areas.

If you want to create a work place here, you should contact the site administrator, HugoAlroe and ask him to make a Wiki Group for you. Group names can be ordinary Names with a capital first letter, or WikiWords. There are several ways to create a new pages. For instance, you can edit a page (the sandbox is a good place to try things out), write a link to the new page by writing Yourgroup.HomePage, save the page and click the question mark after Yourgroup.HomePage to edit the new homepage.

You will probably want to make a SideBar especially for your group. Make a link to Yourgroup.SideBar and write the sidebar entries on this page. You can copy the content of one of the other group sidebars as a template if you wish.

Note that groups called something like “SomegroupIntranet” are intranet groups that require passwords, and that the Main group and Main SideBar requires a password to be edited. If you wish your group to be added the Group List on the Main SideBar, or if you need to set passwords for certain pages or groups, please contact the administrator at hugo.alroe AT - the password action is password protected ;-)
The upload function is also password protected as a default. Please ask to get a password for your group if you need it.

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